Check out The Morgan Freeman bee farm and why it’s a big deal

Beekeeping is one of the hottest topics in Hollywood circles these days. In fact, many global superstars, such as Morgan Freeman, have taken it a step further. In the case of the legendary actor, he created his own bee farm at his home in Mississippi. Not only does this powerful symbol of environmental stewardship help […]
March 11, 2023

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By Branded Joy Editorial Staff

Beekeeping is one of the hottest topics in Hollywood circles these days. In fact, many global superstars, such as Morgan Freeman, have taken it a step further.

In the case of the legendary actor, he created his own bee farm at his home in Mississippi. Not only does this powerful symbol of environmental stewardship help our planet’s ecosystem and pollinators, but it also provides a good example of why initiatives like this one, from the most recognizable faces on the planet, are so important and necessary.

Let’s explore why the Morgan Freeman Bee Farm is so essential y how it fits in the whole save the bees” movement. 

What we know about the Morgan Freeman Bee Farm

In 2014, Freeman appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s show, saying he had just imported 26 beehives from Arkansas. He then explained the hives were being taken care of at his Mississippi residence. 

A known climate change initiatives advocate, Freeman explained he didn’t have an interest in harvesting the hives for honey. Instead, he just wanted to provide a good living environment for the bees. 

With that in mind, he gradually started introducing changes that favored the bees and their quick adaptation to the new southern space. Freeman and his personal gardener started planting lots of flowering trees: lavender, clover, and magnolia trees. Acres of them. 

In that same interview with Fallon, Freeman said this initiative began with him learning about how essential bees have, are, and will always be for the core structure of the planet. 

He understands that, without them, not only vegetation will quickly diminish, but our ability to produce crops will receive a lethal blow. 

So, Morgan Freeman’s Mississippi ranch is kind of a bees sanctuary. But why do we need more celebrities like him?

Why the world needs more places like Freeman’s Bee Farm

When it comes to environmental awareness, a place like Freeman’s represents a great deal of visibility.

There’s a reason for organizations to partner with recognizable faces around the world. It’s an effective way of capturing the public’s attention to a matter of interest.  

The sense of familiarity a big star carries translates to a more likely chance of moving society in a desired direction. 

In the case of bees’ survival, the more big faces back the initiatives surging all around the world to care for and help these animals thrive, the more the public will be willing to give aid to foundations and companies with a bees-first mentality.

More and more of these companies with the environment in mind are necessary as we approach critical times. Their existence means new ways for people to give aid if they wish to. And the power is in the numbers.

Two quick, cute examples of businesses with a “bees-first” mentality

Project Honey bees

Project Honey Bees is an awesome company that creates and sells beautiful bee-inspired jewelry. The awesome initiative they promote is that for every item a person buys from their store, that person gets an adoption certificate, can name their queen bee, and learn about them through pictures.

At the same time, Project Honey Bees has a partnership with Cornell University, where a percentage of each purchase helps fund research to understand the effect of pesticides on bee population. 

Bee Bracelet From Project Honey Bees
Bee Earrings

You can check their products by clicking here.

The Beehive Shoppe

This company sells a wide variety of goods. From bee-inspired kitchen decoration to home art. On their site, everything is connected to bees. 

They do a great job at raising awareness of the best bee-friendly practices that can implement from your own home. 

They also promote a global petition that anybody can sign to raise the voices of people that want big companies to label their bee-friendly pesticides as such, so we can all reduce the use of bee-harming products in our yards.  

Bee Canvas Art
Bee Reusable Handbag

Check their products here.

Which other celebrities are into beekeeping?

Scarlett Johansson & Samuel L. Jackson

Did you know that Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L. Jackson share an interest in beekeeping? Rumor has it that when they met on the set of a movie, they quickly hit it off due to their mutual love for bees. 

After discussing the topic at length, Samuel L. Jackson had a brilliant idea for Scarlett and Ryan Reynolds’ wedding gift – a working beehive! The thoughtful present sparked a new hobby for the couple, who have since become avid beekeepers thanks to Samuel’s unique gift.

Robert Redford

The man’s man. He’s not only classic but also plays a crucial role as a beekeeper for the California wine region. 

A Napa Valley wine enthusiast revealed that Redford owns a secluded 10-acre property in St. Helena where he keeps an abundance of bees to pollinate the grapes for making delicious wines.

Jennifer Garner

She can do it all – From starring in movies to co-founding the baby food company “Once Upon a Farm,” this talented woman has achieved so much in her career. But did you know that she’s also passionate about beekeeping?

 As a mom of three, Garner was inspired by her children’s love for bees and decided to start keeping them herself. It’s yet another example of how this multi-talented lady isn’t afraid to try new things and explore different hobbies.

Commun FAQs about the bees

Why are the bees so important?

Bees are incredibly important because they play a crucial role in pollinating plants. In fact, around one-third of the food we eat is thanks to bees and other pollinators. Without bees, many crops would struggle to produce fruit or seeds, which could have a devastating impact on global food supplies. 
Additionally, bees help maintain biodiversity by pollinating wildflowers, which provide food and habitats for countless other species.

Are they gonna go extinct any time soon?

There are concerns about declining bee populations, but it’s important to note that not all bee species are at risk of extinction. However, some factors, such as habitat loss, pesticide use, and climate change, can impact bee populations. 
It’s important for us to take steps to protect bees by supporting pollinator-friendly practices like planting native flowers and reducing pesticide use. By working together, we can help ensure the survival of these vital pollinators.

What’s the impact today of the declining Bee population?

The impact of declining bee populations is already being felt today. It’s estimated that the economic value of pollination by bees and other insects is around $235-$577 billion per year worldwide. In areas where bee populations have declined, there has been a noticeable decrease in crop yields and quality, which can lead to higher food prices for consumers. 
Additionally, declines in wild bee populations can have negative effects on natural ecosystems and biodiversity. The decline of bees also threatens many industries that rely on crops that require pollination, such as almond, apple, and blueberry farming.

What would happen if the bees went extinct tomorrow?

If bees were to go extinct tomorrow, it would have a devastating impact on our food system and the environment. Bees are responsible for pollinating around one-third of the world’s crops, including many fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. 
Without bees, we would see a significant decrease in crop yields and quality, leading to higher food prices for consumers and potentially even food shortages. In addition to their role in our food system, bees also play an important role in maintaining natural ecosystems and biodiversity. The loss of bees could lead to negative cascading effects throughout the entire ecosystem.

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